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Afternoon Scripts

The following copyrighted material are original scripts available for purchase for the sole purpose of producing a film or TV/web series, on the condition that the author and owner Christopher Fung serve as an Executive Producer for the intended production. The purchasing party will be entrusted with the creative material assuming proper respect and care are given to the story and characters involved. If you are interested in creating content with any of the following material, please contact the author for an interview.

Each script was written in a single afternoon. The concept and/or ensemble seeded can be expanded, further fleshed out, or otherwise adapted to the visual narrative and tone the filmmaker has in mind.




Immoderate Love - Series Pilot

Dramedy - 32 pages (Expanded)

Logline: Zara, Ellis, and filmmaking friends see the messy, passionate conception of their artists' salon with characteristic immoderation.

Production status: Post



William's heady, genre-bending melodrama

Production status: Watch I.LOVE!


Not A Clue

Romantic Comedy - 17 pages

Logline: On a hot summer day, Gil brings Ryan to buy a ring for his boyfriend, but he has no idea how to actually propose--until Gil's niece interrogates him about the night they first met, and recounting the story to an inquisitive middle schooler reminds Ryan how and why he fell in love.


Price: $400



Dark Comedy - 7 pages

Logline: Katie drags her friend Thomas to help her catch the boyfriend redhanded, and really can do nothing but watch as the night unfolds disastrously on its own.

Price: $300


You First

Romantic Drama - 18 pages

Logline: Ema and her boyfriend Cliff become estranged because he is unwilling to share his life with her, until a reported assault forces him to.

Price: $600



Melodrama - 13 pages

Logline: Coping with the loss of her mother, Audrey discovers a companion in a young woman struggling with her own mental health.

Price: $300



Psychological Horror - 9 pages

Logline: One fateful afternoon, Molly discovers her boyfriend's secret as well as the consequences of a night out with the friend she's fallen in love with--and the world contorts, tearing itself apart.

Price: $300