I live my life in tribute to the infinite diversity of human expression.

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many things that have been sacred in filmmaking for decades -- like framing, like superficial lighting, like the planning of myriad shots from separate angles in an attempt to simulate immersive reality -- are no longer significant. that's why you're seeing old school filmmakers like Scorsese, who are awesome but realizing their existing knowledge is no longer enough to compete and do groundbreaking work for much longer, deciding to do MasterClass and pay the bills. just as the invention of the closeup completely changed cinematography forever, so does the advent of VR. we've long since achieved photorealism.

even if you're not Spielberg, every person has access to a consumer device that captures footage at higher resolution than the human eye is naturally capable of, which is why we should be taking risks with cinematography and editing.

Leroy's vocal style here is taking a lot from Justin Bieber and Product G&B. relatively safe bets as a pop singer, but the visual palette is really interesting. notice the opening logos of his personal brand and the song title being covered. then, the bright juxtaposition of blue and orange throughout the song. whether or not you would listen to the audio track alone, you are super drawn to the elevated visual product, which they've spent a lot of time on even if you aren't aware of it. and once you've seen the video and the association's been made, suddenly you would definitely start playing the track on Spotify.

if you want to learn how to be a viral artist, pay attention to these details!


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