I live my life in tribute to the infinite diversity of human expression.

Demo Reel 5.30.2019


don't be afraid to let that flame burn...


brain surgery?


you deserve enough. you deserve the fill. if this life with me doesn't fulfill you go find what will.


wisecracking detective + protective dad + 🤯 = pew pew


elliptical existence


the show


date smart don't date dumb 😅


M I L L E N N I A L Z E I T G E I S T .


vengeance and magnanimity


silent sheepdog


i can do more in a couple seconds than your Juilliard or RADA grad can in an entire scene


Enter The Mystic Boombox. Find The Shaman Of The Void.


#LeaveYourScent #OwnIt #MiyukiGaeta.


 " r e e l " 


Sorkin-Garland Complex


 C U R I O U S P I R I T 


home page video for top mobile security company who made a name for themselves hacking sensitive phone data from hundreds of celebrities at the Oscars 🤭


😳 personal af


1 hour from scratch. All improv. Maximum effort maximum fun.

don't worries 🤣


🍷 country real estate


end of the world... but family's still family


Hacker twins


welcome to the weird


nah glitch.


giving back to the hospital that saved my life